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good hair

27 May

I really wanna cut my hair like this girl.  I know my hair wouldn’t look exactly like this cause I have major frizz, but I think I’m gonna try it.

Look how cute her hair looks up in a pony tail!

(cute girl from California Select Blog)


oh serge

20 May

I’ve been on a Serge Gainsbourg kick lately.

What can I say?  Jane Birkin dancing makes me speechless.

I think if Serge had crossed paths with my mom in 1971, they definitely would have hooked up.  She could have totally been his video vixen.

dream wardrobe

14 May

The Cherry Blossom Girl is one of my all-time favorite style blogs. I wish I had everything in Alix’s wardrobe. One store that she frequently mentions is Queen’s Wardrobe. I have yet to purchase anything from this site, but I really want to! They have some imitation Miu Miu satin mary janes! Too bad the print is dumb. Of all the animals to put on a shoe why the heck would they pick a shark?

There are so many things I want from this site right now, but Art has convinced me that I need to start saving more money.  He never buys himself any new clothes, but it’s so easy for him.  He can wear his usual uniform of jeans, a t-shirt, and Nike SB’s year-round, but I need more options.  I need more shorts, light tops, and dresses for spring and summer.  And more shoes!

Here’s a list of what I really want from Queen’s Wardrobe:

The perfect neutral, boyfriend cardigan

Another imitation Miu Miu piece, this time a cat skirt, that’s already sold out. I can’t believe I missed out on this one! It looks exactly like all the Miu Miu cat-print pieces I want. 😦

I’m not sure I’d have the guts to wear them, but I really love these shoes.

One of these bags. In gray, I think.

And this dress.

*sigh* I wish I was richer and taller.

off like a prom dress

9 May

For some strange reason, I was always so excited about going to senior prom.  Some girls dream about their wedding day when they’re little, but I dreamed about my prom.  I wanted the perfect dress and a dreamy guy who adored me to sweep me off my feet to the dance.  Well, for my senior prom my dress ended up being a frumpy, light green gown that I only bought because it was one of the only dresses I found that fit (let’s just say I had a big little weight problem in high school).  And none of the dreamy guys I lusted after in high school asked me to prom.  I didn’t let these minor setbacks get me down though.  Instead I got my hair and make-up done 40s style and went to the dance with my gay best friend.  And we had a blast!

Every time prom season comes around, I still get excited about looking at all the dresses in stores.  If I was back in high school again and getting ready for the big day, here are some dresses I would pick:

You can never go wrong with wearing pink lace to a high school dance (from Nordstrom $78)

I have yet to see this dress in person at H&M, but I love it in the Garden Collection lookbook (from the H&M Garden Collection $39.95)

This dress might be a little casual, but I love the color and the tiered detailing.  Plus, it’s silk, so that makes it fancier (from Urban Outfitters $88)

And finally, my dream prom dress…

This reminds me of a much prettier version of the H&M dress.  The color, the swirls of chiffon, the black ribbon, this dress is calling for me to wear it to a dance.  At $338, this would have been a splurge for a struggling latina like me in high school, but I would have worked after school at Sear’s for this dress.  And it would have been worth it (from Urban Outfitters)

daisies on my feet

6 May

Last summer I was walking around the mall with Art and I tried this exact dress on at the Chloe store. Normally I wouldn’t dream of stepping foot into a store like that, but Art dragged me in after I stopped to admire the window display. Of course, being the struggling latina that I am, I naturally gravitated towards the sale section, like I could actually even afford Chloe on sale. This dress was marked down and the salesgirl convinced me to try it on.

I’ll never forget how pretty I felt in that dress. The salesgirl and Art gushed over me when I came out of the dressing room. She was actually pretty nice to us, even though I didn’t buy the dress.

Ever since then, I’ve made it a habit to go into stores and try on things I love, but can’t afford, just to see what it feels like to wear something nice for a moment. Well, I think I’m going to have to make a stop at the Miu Miu store to try on these shoes.

I’m obsessed with these shoes at the moment. I’m not even much of a shoe girl, but I would give my first born for these beauties.

(Miu Miu mary janes from The Cherry Blossom Girl.)

Henry/Henri and Molly

5 May

I’ve been a crazy cat lady my whole life.  I’ve had five cats total at one time and sadly, only one is still with us.  I’ve recently added two new additions to my home.  This little guy above, Henry (who I like to call Henri) and an older, extremely fat, calico cat, Molly.  They were formally Art’s roommates cats, but they couldn’t keep them in their new place so Art and I took them in.

I only had one of my cats as a kitten before, so I was so excited to get Henri.  He’s the cutest little thing ever, but I forgot how difficult adolescents are.  Molly and my other cat, Allie, just lounge around and sleep all day, but Henri is so crazy.  He pounces on everything, even my face when I’m sleeping!  I love him so much though.  I feel like a mom.

A picture of Molly at Art’s old place.