off like a prom dress

9 May

For some strange reason, I was always so excited about going to senior prom.  Some girls dream about their wedding day when they’re little, but I dreamed about my prom.  I wanted the perfect dress and a dreamy guy who adored me to sweep me off my feet to the dance.  Well, for my senior prom my dress ended up being a frumpy, light green gown that I only bought because it was one of the only dresses I found that fit (let’s just say I had a big little weight problem in high school).  And none of the dreamy guys I lusted after in high school asked me to prom.  I didn’t let these minor setbacks get me down though.  Instead I got my hair and make-up done 40s style and went to the dance with my gay best friend.  And we had a blast!

Every time prom season comes around, I still get excited about looking at all the dresses in stores.  If I was back in high school again and getting ready for the big day, here are some dresses I would pick:

You can never go wrong with wearing pink lace to a high school dance (from Nordstrom $78)

I have yet to see this dress in person at H&M, but I love it in the Garden Collection lookbook (from the H&M Garden Collection $39.95)

This dress might be a little casual, but I love the color and the tiered detailing.  Plus, it’s silk, so that makes it fancier (from Urban Outfitters $88)

And finally, my dream prom dress…

This reminds me of a much prettier version of the H&M dress.  The color, the swirls of chiffon, the black ribbon, this dress is calling for me to wear it to a dance.  At $338, this would have been a splurge for a struggling latina like me in high school, but I would have worked after school at Sear’s for this dress.  And it would have been worth it (from Urban Outfitters)


2 Responses to “off like a prom dress”

  1. Christine May 9, 2010 at 7:36 pm #

    ooo that last one, if it were in a peach or pink…perfection!

    • big fea May 10, 2010 at 12:43 am #

      I know! Peach would be a nice color. If I was getting married I’d wear it. But not in white, more like an off-white color. I think that would look better.

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