dream wardrobe

14 May

The Cherry Blossom Girl is one of my all-time favorite style blogs. I wish I had everything in Alix’s wardrobe. One store that she frequently mentions is Queen’s Wardrobe. I have yet to purchase anything from this site, but I really want to! They have some imitation Miu Miu satin mary janes! Too bad the print is dumb. Of all the animals to put on a shoe why the heck would they pick a shark?

There are so many things I want from this site right now, but Art has convinced me that I need to start saving more money.  He never buys himself any new clothes, but it’s so easy for him.  He can wear his usual uniform of jeans, a t-shirt, and Nike SB’s year-round, but I need more options.  I need more shorts, light tops, and dresses for spring and summer.  And more shoes!

Here’s a list of what I really want from Queen’s Wardrobe:

The perfect neutral, boyfriend cardigan

Another imitation Miu Miu piece, this time a cat skirt, that’s already sold out. I can’t believe I missed out on this one! It looks exactly like all the Miu Miu cat-print pieces I want. 😦

I’m not sure I’d have the guts to wear them, but I really love these shoes.

One of these bags. In gray, I think.

And this dress.

*sigh* I wish I was richer and taller.


One Response to “dream wardrobe”

  1. Christine May 14, 2010 at 7:07 pm #

    gahhhh i like this!

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