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what’s up doc?

30 Jun

Are floral docs cute or are they over?  I suddenly want a pair of doc martens, but only in this floral print.  You’d think someone who’s shy like me would want to start off with a basic color like black, but no!  I want floral print!  I think I’d have a hard time matching these with clothes, not to mention feel a little insecure in them, but I still want a pair.  Also, I’m trying to be more upbeat lately, and how could you not be in a good mood with flowers on your feet?


material girl

8 Jun

Here are a few things I wish Art, my sugar daddy, would buy me.

This dress from urban outfitters

This necklace from Scout Holiday

And a pair of Swedish Hasbeens please!!!! (from urban outfitters)  I tried to get Art to go halfers with me on a pair of these clogs, so that way we’d only have to spend $120 each, but he didn’t go for it. I don’t know why. They’re gorgeous! Now they’re sold out of my size, and these are impossible to find. 😦

Dear Art,

Please spoil me!