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sweet nothings

20 Nov

My birthday is almost a month away! There’s so much cute stuff I want right now, but it’s a horrible time to be giving/receiving presents. Still, it hasn’t stopped me from making a wish list. Some items are even reasonably priced (hint, hint, Art!)

Small Citrine necklace by the Vamoose

Sweet Nothings necklace by In God We Trust.  (I really can’t decide which one I like best, but I’d probably go with something safe like the one above.  The fingerbang one really makes me laugh though!)

Baggu Shabd Duck Bag.  I really want the rose color!


Maryjane Bow flats by Marais. These are kind of extravagant, but I really love the beige two-tone ones!


nu shooz

1 Nov

I’ve been coveting a pair of black lace-up heels, called Bursley, from Aldo forever!  I even styled them in a few of my polyvore sets (one shown above).  They were originally $90, but they went on sale briefly a few weeks ago for $45.  I just couldn’t pass them up at half price!  I ordered them from Amazon, but now they’re $60.  Not as good as half price, but better than almost $100.

I received them over the weekend and I love them.  The leather is so soft and the heel is thick and sturdy.  The fringe detail is so cute too!  I wore them to work yesterday and I got compliments on them.  They’re a little higher than I would normally wear at about 4 inches, but I can get used to them.  My feet were killing me yesterday, but it’s nothing some inserts and more breaking in can’t fix.  I’m even starting to eye the taupe version they come in.  Maybe if they go on sale again…

Collage details here.