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ponder these shoes…

21 Jan

I know these shoes by Jeffrey Campbell are ugly and dumb, but they’re also kind of amazing.  Don’t you think?

Jeffrey Campbell Skate Brown Wooden Scrollwork Wedge Booties from Lulu’s.


new year, new dress

8 Jan

I don’t mean to sound shallow, but I was sulking at work about how serious/crappy the new year has been so far for me, and this dress from Asos put a smile on my face.  This dress is purrrrfection.   The print, the cut, and the colors are everything I like in a dress.  It’s both grandma and inappropriately short for work, which is what I go for every morning when I get dressed.  And look at the back.

Give me a flower-print dress with an exposed zipper and I’m good to go.  I just ordered a bag and a dress on sale from asos, so this gem will just have to wait until I save some more.  My fingers are crossed that it doesn’t sell out.