shoe dilemna

24 Sep

Another obligatory post about Alexa Chung’s new collection for Madewell.  In my eyes Alexa can do no wrong, but is anyone else not that impressed with the collection?  The only thing I really wanted was the black and white gingham dress Tennessee Thomas is wearing above, but the Madewell at South Coast Plaza didn’t have it.  And forget about getting it online.  Even this dress is a little too simple for $136.

I was sort of interested in the leopard booties I kept seeing her wear in ads, but on the Madewell site they look kind of cheap.  They’re sold out anyways.  Don’t ask me why I want a pair of leopard booties when I’ve never worn leopard print in my life.  Another pair I’ve had my eye on for quite some time is by Boden USA.

Alexa Chung for Madewell boots (sold out)

Boden USA leopard booties

Aren’t the Boden boots much better?  They’ve got a wooden heel, cowboy stitching, and the print is more leopardy.  I’m seriously considering getting these.  They’re so unlike me, but Alexa makes leopard boots look so easy.  I can just imagine bundling up with my black toggle coat,  tights, and these beauties.  Did I mention I already bought the exact same style of booties, but in black?  Art is gonna be so annoyed if he sees another box in the mail, but winter is coming.  I need black, brown, and now leopard boots for this season.  But, I’ve also been eying these loafer heels from Madewell.

Madewell loafer heels

I tried on these heels at Madewell and they were so sturdy and comfortable.  These shoes are much more me, but something is telling me to go for the leopard boots!  What do you think?

(Alexa and Tennessee pic via Michelle Drewes for Madewell)


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