everything daisy

26 Feb

I’m really stressing out about my first attempt at selling on ebay.  I shipped a dress to a girl in Israel like two weeks ago and it still hasn’t gotten to her.  And there’s no tracking available since I used first class international.  What if it gets lost?  What if she isn’t satisfied and she gives me negative feedback?  Then my rating goes down and my dreams of opening a vintage clothing ebay shop are over.  And then a bad ebay rating could effect my chances of getting into a good grad school or something.  I swear the internet controls everything.  All jokes aside, I’m really worried.

In other news, I’m really into daisies lately.  I got the Jason Wu for Target daisy bag and I love it.  I want to get more things with them on it.  Daisies just make me think of spring and the 90s.  Remember when Drew Barrymore was a wild child and wore daisies in her hair? I miss 90s Drew Barrymore.


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