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that dress

17 Sep

I really want a new dress.  This Moschino Cheap & Chic dress worn by Keira Knightly would be nice.  I really want to cut my hair short like hers, but my face would look too chubby.  My hair right now is a rat’s nest that is impossible to comb out everyday, but I’d probably cry if I cut it.  I guess I have to live through Keira’s portrait cause that dress and cute haircut are way out of my range.


ooh la la

17 Jul

I’ve read a lot of criticism over this being too perverted, but I just love this ad of Dakota Fanning for Marc Jacob’s Oh Lola.  It’s so pretty!  The dress is a dream and Dakota is gorgeous.  I really want this perfume, even though I hardly ever wear perfume.  In fact, I hate most perfumes and disliked the original Lola, but I smelled this yesterday at Nordstrom and I was pleasantly surprised.  Lola smelled too old and mature to me, but Oh Lola is very girly.  Much sweeter and flowery.  And you know how much I like both sweets and florals.


5 Dec

Someone needs to put this girl in a magazine, movie, music video, or somewhere else she can be looked at in public cause her looks and style are purrfect!  She’s 14, British, and has an amazing blog I recently discovered.  Doesn’t she look like Lou Doillon?  Ah, to be young and beautiful…

(Pics from Painting the roses black)

Binki on my mind

24 Oct

I only know a few songs by Little Joy, but I’ve had a major girl crush on Binki Shapiro for a while now.  The girl is GORGEOUS!

(pics from Refinery 29. There’s a nice article about her there too!)


29 Jul

I know this product is pointless and will be ruined after the first application, but Paul & Joe is making cat-shaped lipstick and I want one.

Who would have thought my two great loves, lip products and cats, would ever be combined?  This is blowing me away!

(Paul & Joe cat lipstick pic from Refinery 29.)

good hair

27 May

I really wanna cut my hair like this girl.  I know my hair wouldn’t look exactly like this cause I have major frizz, but I think I’m gonna try it.

Look how cute her hair looks up in a pony tail!

(cute girl from California Select Blog)