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nothing gold can stay

11 Dec

I know Art would roll his eyes over the $28 price tag for one pack of gold-framed film (8 shots a pack), but I don’t care.   Everything is better when it’s shiny and golden.  I hope Santa delivers this year!

Polaroid gold-framed film available at Urban Outfitters.
Pictures taken from Flare.


purrrrty please!

27 Oct

I really want this bag, but I can’t find it anywhere cheap.  It’s a UK novelty bag I guess, so the price is ridiculously high along with shipping to the US.  I found one on ebay for over $50 and this bag is not worth that much.  As cute as those kittens are, the bag doesn’t exactly seem the best quality.  I could buy a vintage Coach bag, which I’ve wanted forever, for that much.  And Coach bags are real leather!  Plus, you can’t wear a kitten tapestry bag with everything, so I’d only be carrying it around once in a while.

I’ve been searching for a good winter bag and the one I want really bad is a Cambridge satchel.  I’ve wanted one ever since I was a little schoolgirl, but I’ve never been able to take the plunge.  A vintage tan 13” satchel with my initials embossed on it is like $140, which isn’t that bad I guess.  I really want a batchel, but it doesn’t seem to come in a size smaller than 15”, and I don’t want it to be too big.  The regular satchel is cheaper anyways, but that handle at the top of the batchel just seems so useful to me.


I had another dream with a dalmatian in it!


29 Jul

I know this product is pointless and will be ruined after the first application, but Paul & Joe is making cat-shaped lipstick and I want one.

Who would have thought my two great loves, lip products and cats, would ever be combined?  This is blowing me away!

(Paul & Joe cat lipstick pic from Refinery 29.)

Henry/Henri and Molly

5 May

I’ve been a crazy cat lady my whole life.  I’ve had five cats total at one time and sadly, only one is still with us.  I’ve recently added two new additions to my home.  This little guy above, Henry (who I like to call Henri) and an older, extremely fat, calico cat, Molly.  They were formally Art’s roommates cats, but they couldn’t keep them in their new place so Art and I took them in.

I only had one of my cats as a kitten before, so I was so excited to get Henri.  He’s the cutest little thing ever, but I forgot how difficult adolescents are.  Molly and my other cat, Allie, just lounge around and sleep all day, but Henri is so crazy.  He pounces on everything, even my face when I’m sleeping!  I love him so much though.  I feel like a mom.

A picture of Molly at Art’s old place.